Ultimate Jump Shot Guide for Dominating BGMI & PUBG Mobile 1v1s

Jump shots are a game-changing move in BGMI and PUBG Mobile, especially in close range combat. Mastering the art of connecting bullets while in mid-air is a skill that even professional players find challenging. In this guide, we will unveil effective techniques for utilizing jump shots to swiftly adjust your aim and disrupt your opponents' ability to retaliate.

Key Techniques for Mastering Jump Shots in BGMI and PUBG:

Embrace the Game's Mechanics:

Avoid over-controlling your aim while executing jump shots. Many players make the mistake of actively adjusting their aim, resulting in missed shots. This also makes them vulnerable to counterattacks from opponents using jiggle movements.

Instead, leverage jump shots to allow the game's mechanics to naturally correct your aim. The act of jump shooting will cause your aim to be automatically adjusted by the game, and you can use this to your advantage.Let the jump shot handle the aim adjustment for you - avoid over-controlling it. If your crosshair is positioned to the left of the enemy, execute a jump to the right. Conversely, if your crosshair is on the right side of the enemy, perform a jump to the left. After the jump, make minor adjustments to enhance your accuracy. This simple technique will significantly enhance your shooting precision.

Mastering this strategy will enable you to effortlessly score headshots in close combat scenarios. However, relying solely on jump shots is insufficient.

To maximize the effectiveness of jump shots, it is essential to combine movement and timing. Develop strong movement and timing abilities to complement your jump shots. Specifically, move in one direction and execute a swift jump shot in the opposite direction when engaging in close combat with an opponent.

This approach is highly effective as the sudden change in movement direction and jump shot disorients the enemy, making it challenging for them to track you. This creates opportunities for you to land easy shots.

Apply and adapt these techniques to your gameplay to elevate your performance in 1v1 battles.

PUBG UC: Usage and Acquisition

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How to Top Up PUBG Mobile on LootBar

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