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Our Investors
  • Proseed - ProSeed Venture Capital Fund is an Israeli, public (non-traded) company, dedicated mainly to early stage investments in start-up companies.
  • Shalom - Shalom Equity fund is an American-Israeli venture capital fund that invests as an active partner in the embryonic stage of technology and business development. shalom supports its investments with market strategy, strategic alliances, next round financing, global market penetration and management recruitment.
  • Technion Incubator - TEIC assists zero-stage, technology-based start-ups develop products and innovative technologies for tomorrow's markets.
  • Vertex - Vertex Venture Capital is a leading player in the international venture capital arena. Vertex funds invest in the most promising and innovative hi-tech companies and emerging industries.
  • Vitalife - Vitalife specializes in investing and maintaining hands-on management of various life science firms with an emphasis on those which specialize in minimally-invasive techniques.
  • Johnson & Johnson Development Corp.